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Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WW2

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Publisher: Ubisoft
Region : NTSC / Used
ESRB : Everyone
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Experience the most gripping and famous battles of WWII through the eyes of a squadron commander and ace fighter pilot. From the Battle of Britain, through the dramatic air combat of Pearl Harbor, the Midway fierce fighting, and way back to Europe, to the battle of Berlin, your pilot skills will create WWII history. Dominate the skies of Western Europe and the Pacific and bring your squadron of Blazing Angels back alive.

* WWIIs most epic and famous air battles – Experience the greatest air battles of World War II in famous locations from across the globe. The player will be tasked with turning the tide of war.

* A large variety of realistic-looking WWII aircrafts – Pilot 52 authentic WWII aircraft including the famous P-51 Mustang, the B-17 Flying Fortress and the British Spitfire, and planes like the Luftwaffe?s Messerschmitt, and the Japanese Zero in multiplayer.

* Innovative use of the Wii/PS3 controllers – Complete freedom of movement thanks to the intuitive Wiimote and Gyroscopic controls on PS3. Enjoy the game instantly thanks to an innovative and easy to handle gameplay.

* Intense squadron-based gameplay – Command AI-wingmen and make use of each ones special abilities. Engage in legendary air battles and lead a squadron of Blazing Angels to victory.

* Twenty heart-stopping missions in a compelling storyline – Pilots will begin as untrained recruits and evolve through battle experience into ace combat pilots.

* Multiplayer for up to 16 players online – Engage in head-to-head dogfights or cooperative team play between squadrons on huge maps with large formations.

* Several new features for PS3/Wii – New Missions, New Aircrafts, new multiplayer modes and more.

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