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Video Game Rental FAQ

What is the Video Game Rental Service?

The Video Game Rental Service is an innovative Rental Service developed by Topdowndeals.com.ng to provide gamers an alternative to purchasing their favorite video games. This new service will be started in Lagos Metro Areas and expand to other Nigerian Cities. Now Gamers can rent 1,2 or 3 PS3 games based on their membership plan and play the games as long as they want and return.

What are the Membership Options?

There are 3 easy membership options for Members:

  1. Rent 1 individual video game at a time for an annual membership of N15,000
  2. Rent 2 Video Games at a time for an annual membership of N25,000
  3. Rent 3 Video Games at a time for an annual membership of N35,000

How is my Rented Game Delivered?

All deliveries will be made through our reliable courier Tranzit.ng.

How do I Pay my Membership Fees?

Customers can pay the Annual Membership Fee through the following ways

  1. Pay using GTpay / Bank Card Portal on Topdowndeals.com.ng Rental Checkout Page
  2. Make an Online Transfer to out Guaranty Trusts Bank Account
  3. Make Payment using Paylater Payment Portal
  4. Deposit Funds at the Closest Guaranty Trust Bank Location

When Does my Membership Begin?

Once Customer makes their membership payment and funds are confirmed by Topdowndeals.com.ng, we will approve customer account to be able to select rental products. Topdowndeals Customer Service will contact customer via email to confirm the approval of their Rental Membership Account.

How Long is my Membership?

Customer Membership is valid for 365 days after confirmation and activation of Rental Membership access.

How Long Can I Keep my Rented Video Game

Topdowndeals.com.ng does not have a time limit on how long a customer can keep a rented product. However, we would like all customers to have a chance to experience a game. So we request customers to return video games when finished. Our customer service team will contact customers after game is kept for a month.

How Do I Sign Up for a Rental Account?

New Accounts – New Account Members can go to the Account Sign Up Page and select the Rental & Buy Video Games option.

Old Account Members – Customers with Accounts already created on Topdowndeals.com.ng can click on the “BECOME RENTAL MEMBER” tab which is located on the Top Right section of the Topdowndeals.com.ng homepage.

What are the shipping Fees and How Do I Pay Delivery?

Shipping fees are based on the actual courier fees charged by Tranzit.ng. Depending on your location in Lagos, the shipment fees will be N1,000.00 or N2,000. Please select the street or area closest to your location during the checkout process.

Customers can pay the shipment options the following way:

  • Prepay Shipping Fees using the GTbank Payment Portal or transfer or deposit funds in Guaranty Trust Bank
  • Make Payment to Tranzit.org when order is delivered and picked up for return.

What Games can be Rented?

As of now, only PlayStation 3 games can be rented.