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What is a Digital Download Code.

What are Digital Download Codes?

Digital Download Codes are unique alphanumeric codes that allow you to legally download games and other software. When you buy a game from a shop, the box will contain the game disc, manual and a CD key that’s completely unique to your copy of the game.

An example of a Digital Download Code is: GKN23-730ED-PK5M3-CD13D

Games today do not require the disc to install. You can install the game simply by entering the Digital Download Codes into (free) software provided by the game’s publisher, known as the gaming platform. This then downloads the game to your computer and installs without the need for the gaming disc.

Examples of gaming platforms are Steam, Origin, uPlay and Battle.Net. CD keys work with different platforms depending on the game’s publisher/developer, but every platform is free and simple to use.

What are Digital Download Codes websites?

Digital Download Codes websites like ours are just like any other retailer that you might choose to purchase your games. The only real difference is that everything we sell is digital, so there is no waiting for the postman for you or packaging costs for us.